Uniforms & Apparel

All players in Grades 3 and above are required to wear our MYSA uniform in both fall and spring seasons.  In the fall, Grade 2 players will receive a training shirt to wear in games, but are required to bring their own black shorts and black socks to wear.  In the spring Grade 2 players are required to wear the official MYSA uniform, as they “graduate” to the G2-4 Intramural league.  

Our Clinic (Grade K & 1) and Grade 2 Intramural (fall only) leagues provide t-shirts for all players, which are handed out on the first day.  Players should wear shin guards, sneakers or soccer cleats, black socks and shorts.  Use of a mouth guard is encouraged.  We provide balls and all instructional equipment.

Our Grade 2 (spring only), Grade 3/4 & 5/6 Intramural and Grade 3 – 10 Travel players all wear our official town uniform, which consists of a red and black soccer jersey and black shorts.  Note that in the spring, Grade 2 players “age up” to the Grade 2-4 league, These players also need to wear shin guards, black socks and soccer cleats.    Use of a mouth guard is encouraged.  New uniforms are available from our vendor, Athletic Enterprises Team and League Outfitters, 103 East Main Street, Georgetown Building Supply Plaza in Georgetown, MA 01833.  Uniforms should be purchased online through Athletic Enterprises.  Their web address is www.athleticenterprises.net .  If you need to visit in person to try on a uniform, please call the store to confirm the hours in which the store is open.  Do not rely solely on the hours posted on the company’s website before visiting.

Please note that MYSA does not display player names on our uniforms, and number requests are not available.   Our vendor manages the number assignments to minimize duplication.

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