Intramural Soccer

Intramural Final Tournament Schedule – Nov 4 & 5 

2017 G4 Girls IM Fall Tournament

League Overview:

Intramural soccer programs are available as follows:
For Grade 2 – in the fall season (Gr 2 players “age up” to Gr 2-4 in the spring)
For Grade 3 & 4 – in the fall and spring seasons
For Grade 5 & 6 – in the spring seasons (all players participate in Travel during the spring seasons)


U12 Boys Intramural – Team Boxers

There is no Intramural program for Grade 7 & 8.  All players are required to try out for a Travel team.

In the fall, all Grade 2, Grade 3 & 4, and Grade 5 & 6 players may play intramurals in separate Girls and Boys leagues.  Grade 2 teams practice once per week while Gr 3/4 and 5/6 teams practice twice per week and play a game each weekend against another intramural team here in Marblehead.  Grade 5 & 6 Girls and Boys and Grade 3 & 4 Boys play Saturday afternoons.  Grade 3 & 4 Girls play on Sunday afternoons. Grade 2 Girls and Boys play Saturdays, typically with games starting around 12pm and running into the early afternoon.  The season typically runs eight weeks over a nine week period, as games are typically not scheduled over Columbus Day weekend.

In the spring, only Grade 2 and Grade 3 & 4 players play Intramurals.  A few dozen Grade 3 & 4 players who tried out the previous fall are chosen to play spring Grade 3 & 4 travel soccer.  (Grade 3 & 4 players do not play both Intramural and Travel in spring, just one.)  Our Grade 7 & 8 and Grade 5 & 6 age groups play travel soccer in the Essex County Youth Soccer League.  In the Spring Grade 3 & 4 Intramural Boys play on Sunday afternoons and Intramural Girls play on Saturday afternoons.  The season typically runs eight weeks over a nine week period, as games are typically not scheduled over Memorial Day weekend.

Grade 3/4 Intramural Game Schedules – Spring 2017
To be posted in April

Fall 2015 Recap

Youth Soccer Finishes Strong in the Under-12 Cook Cup


U12 Boys Threshers, Nov 2015

Marblehead Youth Soccer hosted its 2nd Annual U12 Intramural Tournament on November 7th under beautiful fall skies at Village School.  Dedicated to longtime volunteer and former MYSA President Ted Cook, the “Cook Cup” is awarded to the girls and boys champions of the annual round robin tournament.  Six teams participated in the girls tournament, five in the boys event, with each playing three short games.  The top two qualified for the final.

After a successful regular season, the U12 Girls Revolution team faced stiff competition in all three preliminary games of the playoffs.  They advanced to the Championship game, where they met the stout Sounders attack.  The Sounders proved to be a skillful and powerful opponent.  The match was lively and exciting, filled with skillful, precise passing and defensive plays.  Both teams battled hard, as did the other U12 girls teams earlier in the day.  But a few well-placed shots ultimately made the difference and gave the Revolution the win.

On the boys side, the Threshers faced off again the Great Whites.  The Threshers entered the final with significant momentum and were eager to face a Great White team that had been tough throughout the regular season.   Both teams presented impenetrable defensive lines and after several attacking runs the score remained tied at zero.  With time running short, the Great Whites were able to capitalize on a penalty kick to clinch the win.  All the boys gave maximum effort on Saturday and the play on the field clearly showed.

U12 Cook Cup Tournament

In the Fall of 2014, MYSA honored its longtime volunteer Ted Cook by dedicating the annual fall tournament to him.  Congratulations to the U12 Cook Cup Intramural champions and runners-up, as well as all participating teams, for a great tournament.  The girls final pitted the Revolution against the Timbers, and ended with a shootout after a scoreless regulation and sudden death period.  The boys final had the Hammerheads facing off against the Tigers.  A strong finish to the season!

U12 Revolution

U12 Revolution – Girls Champions







U12 Timbers

U12 Timbers – Girls Runners-up

U12 Boys Hammerheads and Tigers

U12 Boys Finalists – Hammerheads and Tigers










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