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Fall 2017 Practice Grid (last updated 9.8.17)

Fall 2017 Practice Grid

Every adult associated with any organization who may have the opportunity to have direct and unmonitored access to children is required by state law to complete the CORI certification process.  Coaches are required to submit a CORI every year.

Summer Training Options
Marblehead Youth Soccer does not sponsor or endorse any particular summer leagues or camps, but provides links to local training options to provide further development for its players.  Clinic and camp information is periodically updated on the site.  Summer camp information for 2017 is included below.

Boston Soccer Academy (Various Dates in 2017)

Global Premier Soccer Marblehead Soccer Clinic (July 2017)

Lavender Day (July 2017)

New England Aztec Summer Camps (Various Dates in 2017)

Salem State Vikings

SF Vikings (to be posted shortly)

Upper 90 Soccer Camp

Parents and family members often request information on concussions, so we have included links to two sites that contain helpful information.  In addition we have attached some helpful material on prevention and treatment.



Heads_Up_Concussion_Fact_Sheet_for_Coaches (1)

Coaches Training
Classes are offered throughout the year in nearby locations.   Visit the MA Youth Soccer site to view a current schedule and register.  MYSA will reimburse coaches the course fee after completion.  Email the certificate to us at once the course is finished.  All travel coaches are required to have an F License.

Coaches Handbook
Please review our MYSA Coaching Handbook 9-1-11 Short Version for information on techniques, development of players and sample practice plans.

Laws of the Game
The complete laws of the game is available on FIFA.  Please use the interactive guide chapter by chapter to review certain sections (see the menu atop the site) or download the complete PDF.

The documentary by ESPN on sportsmanship is a valuable and moving perspective on what truly matters most.  Please note that the video will display on YouTube in a separate browser.

Practice Plans
Mass Youth Soccer offers comprehensive practice plans on their web site, which help coaches of all age groups with guidance on how to organize practices and develop their players’ skills.


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